Historic Buildings of London

London is probably the most famous city in the world, London is the capital of the United Kingdom, Although many people know a lot about the historical figures of London but its history is not all that talked about. London has a recorded history that goes back over 2,000 years. Although at present London has grown to become one of the financial and cultural capitals of the world. It has also experienced plagues, devastating fires, civil wars, aerial bombardments and terrorist attacks.

London is an old city, though sadly, unlike Paris, that legacy is being daily eroded. The Victorians were keen to pull down 'old' buildings in the name of progress and the bomb damage from World War II was used as an excuse to raze whole districts. It is often said that the GLC (the Greater London Council who rebuilt London after the war) actually did more damage than the Luftwaffe.

And the damage is still going on: the property boom is to blame. Tour guides complain that almost on a weekly basis things are disappearing. Only recently the Culture Minister (himself a property developer) presided over the destruction of the neo-florentine Mappin & Webb building at Bank, erecting in its place one of London's ugliest edifices - but the profit it earned him and his company was colossal. For some great old pictures of London - most of them Victorian go HERE. The official site for old London photos - combining most of the City's archives is HERE

It's not at all rare to spend a day in London looking at a series of carparks and office buildings described as "the site where once...", it's no joy to be told that on " on this very place..." something happened, whilst there's no trace for the modern visitor. We try to ensure that you see real history, not virtual history.
We've planned out some itineraries which take you to all the key historic sights or follow a link below..

Golden Jubilee: 2002 is the Queen's Golden Jubilee - the tours of Buckingham Palace have been improved, the Queens Gallery re-opens, four times the size and there are events all over the country including the opening of buildings that are usually closed to visitors. Details HERE

For historical ceremonies (Changing of Guard, Gun salutes, March pasts, funerals etc) try the Army's list HERE. For big outdoor ceremonials attending the rehearsal can be better than the real thing!